My First Take

Today, Adam Schefter reported that Hue Jackson will be appearing on ESPN’s First Take tomorrow morning. The former Browns coach has often times been accused of leaking stories to the media and throwing people under the bus so it should be an entertaining episode.

I am so excited to hear what he says that I am already playing different scenarios in my head. Here are a few of the events I am expecting to see on the show Friday morning.

steven a Hue

There is definitely going to be a delayed start to the episode. After 20 minutes of Steven A. Smith rambling to bide time, the coach finally bumbles onto the set and explains that he is late because of traffic. After all, we all know that Hue really struggles on the road.

After deflecting all the blame for the last three years of disappointments with the Browns, the host cuts off Hue. She says, “Alright, we are going to have to take a timeout and go to a commercial break.”

“I don’t really think timeouts are necessary,” responds Jackson.

(Audience laughs, but Hue just stares blankly)


After break, the unemployed coach vents about how ungrateful the Cleveland fans are, “I brought those people a dang parade and this is how they repay me? Not to mention, if it wasn’t for my coaching, we would’ve never had the number 1 pick two years in a row. Every time Myles gets a sack or Baker makes an incredible play people should be thanking me.”

As the hour draws to an end Steven A. and Max Kellerman cut from the final scene, get up, and start to walk off set, but Hue stays seated.

“What? We don’t do overtimes around here?” Hue asks confusedly. Once again the audience bursts with laughter but Jackson is perplexed by their response.

Hue finally lumbers off stage where Steven A. asks him how he thinks the show went. “Well, I DVR’d it at home so I’ll have to watch the tape and get back to you on that?”

first take


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  1. Sorryless · November 3, 2018

    I don’t need to watch the replay now! LOL.

    You are spot on, my friend.

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