Cleveland Browns Expectations

The NFL regular season starts in less than two weeks so its about time for official predictions. Here is an interview I had with a very passionate Cleveland sports fan who can only be described as overly optimistic. He is the guy who, in the past, has said things like “Johnny Football is going to tear up the league”, “Romeo Crennel is going to make us the new New England Patriots”, “Dwayne Bowe was a stud in K.C. I can’t believe we got him for so cheap”. Without further ado, here is the interview. (I am the bold print).

How do you think the Cleveland Browns will do this season?

Overly Optimistic Browns Fan: I will be completely shocked if the Browns don’t win double digit games this season.

I agree they should be improved but they’ve only won 1 game the last 2 years. Why are you so confident?

O.O.B.F: We have the greatest defense ever assembled. Myles Garrett is an absolute freak. We just shut out the Super Bowl Champions last preseason game!

They do look good but durability is always a concern with some of our top players. Also, the Eagles were playing primarily backups against the Browns first teamers. What do you think about the offense?

O.O.B.F: Jarvis Landry said teams will be lucky to hold us to under 40 points and I think he is absolutely right. We will be drop 50 on most teams.

They only “dropped” 5 on the Eagles last game.

O.O.B.F: Bro, it’s the preseason

OK. What is your take on the Quarterback situation? 

O.O.B.F: It doesn’t even matter. Tyrod and Baker are both absolute studs and with all the weapons around them all they have to do is fling it down field and Gordon and Landry will go get it.

So no concerns about Gordon or Callaway’s documented issues?

O.O.B.F: Did you even watch the Browns in 2012. Flash Gordon is a monster. The guy was great 6 years ago, of course he will be great now. And Callaway already said the gun parts and drugs weren’t even his and he was cleared of the charges for sexual assault and credit card theft. Find a new slant.

Alright. Thats about all the time we have, can I get an official prediction for the 2018 season.

O.O.B.F: If I’m being completely unbiased I would have to say 11-5. I mean, even people in Vegas are betting on us to win the North. Plus, have you seen Hard Knocks?




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