Hard Knocks Review Review (Week 2)

Well, well, well another week of Hard Knocks is in the books. As a subscriber to basic cable I am not privy to actually watching HBO so I am creating my review based solely off of what other writers said happened. As someone who is completely ignorant to copyright and plagiarism laws, I will be extra careful to conceal the identities and takes of those I am using.

From what I can gather, week 2 was a snoozefest compared to the action packed season opener. A 6 second clip on twitter was all it took for me to realize how big of a bum Corey Coleman is. Him complaining about being behind Landry, Gordon and Callaway on the depth chart is laughable at best. I’d give Antonio Callaway my credit card information before I gave Corey Coleman a starting gig on this squad.

Speaking of Callaway, the Browns posted a quote from John Dorsey on their website in regard to the WR being caught with weed and gun parts. Dorsey said, “This isn’t college football. This is the National Football League”. Without looking it up, I’d venture to guess that Dorsey attended The U in the 80’s because most people don’t associate guns and multiple drug offenses with “college stuff”… After extensive research (wikipedia) I’ve determined that he went to Connecticut. Basically the same thing.

The final earth shattering headlines were that David Njoku’s gloves created the next Laurel/Yanni debate and 4th string TE Devon Cajuste whistles with his dad. Deep stuff.

Tune in next Wednesday/Thursday-ish to find out what happened on Monday.


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